Porto – Historic port city with flair


The Universidade do Porto (UPorto), with 28,000 students, is the oldest and largest university in the city. The Faculdade de Letras (Arts Faculty), originally founded in 1919, has some 3,500 students who study in over 40 under-graduate and graduate programmes . The Faculty building is an architecturally exciting and successful fusion of modern pragmatic and historical styles. At the UPorto, student life is also diversified outside of classes and offers a variety of cultural activities for the city’s students. The UPorto is an international university with students, lecturers and researchers from over 100 countries; in addition, it is a member of the European University Alliance for Global Health, a network funded by the European Commission as a future European University.


The city, which literally means ‘port’ in translation, modestly calls itself what it is. Porto, on the north Portuguese coast, is the second largest city in the country after Lisbon – and is known not only for the port, but also for the Port Wine which carries the city’s name to all parts of the world. The old town on the river bank, which is particularly impressive due to its large number of baroque churches (and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) extends over the hilly landscape in the city in a picturesque, balcony-like manner.

Universidade do Porto